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Black Robes or White Lab Coats: Who Will Define Life?

Black Robes or White Lab Coats: Who Will Define Life?

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CRISPR-Cas9 is a transformative technological advance.  This "gene editing" tool e.g. a "molecular scissor" moves the battefront in the war against the preborn from the womb to the genetic arena.  As such, Roe v Wade is irrelevant. 

The looming battle to appoint the next Justice to the Supreme Court makes for great political theater. The Progressive Left's histrionics, bloviating, fear-mongering, hate, marches, and rioting will serve only to reaffirm their love affair with death.

The simple fact is that there is no guarantee that a case challenging Roe V Wade will EVER make it to the Supreme Court. Additionally, the Supreme Court is not obligated, and cannot be compelled, to hear any case it doesn't want to hear. Nevertheless, the person appointed to fill the seat of Justice Kennedy may yet have the opportunity to hear arguments and cast their vote to affirm or overturn Roe v Wade; the case that legalized abortion-homicide.

Either way, it simply won't matter. Why? Because the frontline in the Battle of Life is shifting RAPIDLY from the fully formed preborn child to the newly formed, and equally human, embryo. Sadly, the odds, say nothing of the weight of existing law and legal prescedent, are not on the side of the embryonic human being. Many State constitutions correctly hold that life begins at conception. However, judges have often ruled to split the baby and declare that frozen human embryos are property NOT people.

The question of Life, i.e. who lives and who dies, will not be decided in the Supreme Court of the United States. The design of the Human Race will not hinge on the repeal, or reaffirmation, of Roe v. Wade. Decisions affecting the ENTIRE Human Race are being made NOW in the research labs of universities, corporations, the military, and intelligence agencies the world over.  The proverbial genie is out of the bottle.  Most of these facilities are, by design, far beyond the reach of government regulators. Many of these facilities operate clandestinely, and with the full support, of each respective government. Still other Do-It-Yourself "gene editing" labs are completely unknown to regulators. Researchers are busily and eagerly groping around inside a Pandora's Box of limitless and frightening possibilities. Additionally, MASSIVE sums of private investment capital is flowing into bio-technology start ups centered around CRISPR-Cas9 research. The Eugenics Age has arrived.  There is no turning back.

The invention of CRISPR-Cas9 "gene editing" system in 2012 rendered the practice of "abortion" obsolete. This is not to say that gene editing technology will bring a sudden and immediate halt to the practice of abortion-homicide.  The current model of abortion-homicide, like any obsolete product or out of date process, will slowly but surely give way to more innovative methods.  Until then, abortion-homicides will continue.

Eugenicists are now armed with gene editing technology necessary to prevent, indeed destroy, the reproductive capacity of targeted segments of the human race. Germline mutations introduced into selected populations will render perfectly healthy women infertile or otherwise incapable of child-bearing. Eugenicists could use CRISPR to develop designer maladies targeting the reproductive functions of a target population or ethnic group. These genetic weapons might include mutations that cause ovarian cancers, uterine fibroids or myomas, endometriosis, cervical stenosis and other fertility impeding physiological abnormalities. In this fashion, using cutting edge “gene editing” eugenicists are positioned to take “abortion” i.e. the termination of human life to the genetic level.  It is obvious, women deprived, knowingly or unknowingly, of their child-bearing capacity will have NO need of abortion-homicide services. By extension, with increasing numbers of women unable to even conceive, let alone bear children, the need to operate a veritable “Gulag Archipelago” of abortion-homicide facilities.  The day approaches when brick and steel abortion-homicide mills will be a thing of the past. 

As it stands, geneticists, eugenicists, and bio-technology researchers are literally writing the next chapter of human development NOT the courts.


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