Hillary Clinton is “in awe” of Racist, Monster, Eugenicist, Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger

Hillary Clinton was "in awe" of racist, eugenicist, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger

For decades, the Democrat Party has cast itself as THE party of the African-American community.  Democrat Party leaders used lies and deception to sell themselves as the champions of causes and issues relevant to the African-American Community.  In fact, they were the CAUSE of many of the problems plaguing the African-American community.  The Democrat’s radical “Progressive” agenda promotes issues that are far outside the mainstream of African-American culture and thought.  In an online poll conducted by The DailyCaller, visitors were asked their view on the rights of preborn babies. A vast majority of the respondents indicated that preborn babies have human rights.  Hillary Clinton is not of the same mind.

The vast majority agree that preborn babies deserve to live.

The Democrat Party cultivated and made effective use of complicit Black preachers, “reverends,” celebrities, politicians, professors, professional athletes, and pseudo-intellectuals in their effort to deceive, coerce, and control Black voters. 

President Obama addresses Planned Parenthood

Complicit Black political figures have played crucial roles in the effort to 1) defeat efforts to eliminate taxpayer funding of abortion and 2) defeat measures intended to protect the lives of preborn babies.

Hillary Clinton in "awe" of racist, eugenicist Margaret Sanger

Planned Parenthood has had no stronger, and unwavering, an ally than the Democrat Party.  Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest organization devoted to abortion-homicide.  Is this any surprise given the fact that Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger was a vile racist, eugenicist, and supremacist?  Margaret Sanger devoted her life to the

“…extermination of the Negro Race.”  

Sanger created The Negro Project in order to advance the notion of

“birth control”

to Black Community.  In LifeNews Sean Davis writes,

“Sanger pushed for birth control not because she believed it liberated women from the burdens of motherhood, but because she saw it as the best way to get minorities and the handicapped, whom she detested, to voluntarily stop breeding.”  

She was a supporter of the Nazi German’s practice of forced sterilization.  Margaret Sanger believed in the use of birth control to initially limit, and then eliminate, target populations.  When referring to Blacks, Sanger said,

“they are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” 

The evil of Margaret Sanger is well documented.  She is not without her detractors among the ProLife community.  She also enjoys, even to this day, a loyal group of admirers.  Among Sanger’s more prominent followers is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Not only is Hillary Clinton an admirer of eugenicist Margaret Sanger, she remains one of the abortion-homicide industry’s most important political backers.  Hillary Clinton has used her political influence to assist Planned Parenthood in its effort to carry out Sanger’s goal  to annihilate the African-American population via abortion-homicide.  

Writing for the The Federalist, Sean Davis stated,

“Planned Parenthood is a big fan of butchering babies so it can sell their body parts for profit, and Hillary Clinton is a big fan of Planned Parenthood. “

In 2009, Hillary Clinton accepted Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award.  Thousands of children, disproportionate number of them being African-American, are killed DAILY in Planned Parenthood abortion-homicide procedures.  Nevertheless, when accepting the award, Hillary Clinton praised the organization’s founder.  Clinton stated  

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision….”

Hillary Clinton went on to say,

“I am really in awe of her, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her life.” 

Steve Ertelt, writing for LifeNews notes that, as Secretary of State during the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama, Clinton

“… pressed for abortion on an international scale.” 

Hillary Clinton shared the same indifference for human life as her idol Margaret SangerThe DailyCaller reports that during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd he asked her the question,

“When, or if, does an unborn child have constitutional rights?”

Hillary Clinton replied

“Well, under our laws currently, that is not something that exists. The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,…” 

Hillary Clinton’s depravity is further exemplified by her support for the abominable partial-birth abortion-homicide procedure. During the 2016 Presidential Debates between candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively, the question of partial-birth abortion was raised.  Then candidate- and now President Donald J. Trump emphatically stated his opposition to this barbaric practice in which a child that is born alive is killed before fully exiting the mother’s womb.  Hillary Clinton defended this monstrous and medically dangerous practice say,

“I do not think the United States government should be stepping in…”

Since 1973, more than 60 MILLION lives have been lost to abortion-homicide procedures in the United States.  A hugely disproportionate number of babies killed in abortion-homicide are African-American.  In April 2017, “for her 40 years of service to women and girls in this country,” Planned Parenthood awarded Hillary Clinton their ghoulish “Champion of the Century” award.  It is interesting to not that the many millions of “women and girls” killed in abortion-homicide procedures were not on hand to attend the gala festivities.

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