The Talib Brothers: From Trouble Makers to Life Takers


Title: Brother of NFL Star Commits Fatal Shooting: A Senseless and Tragic Turn of Events Excerpt: In a shocking turn of events, Yacub Tallib the younger brother of an NFL star Aqib Talib stands accused of committing a fatal shooting that has left a community in disbelief.

Talib brothers
“We’re going to continue to live just like we know Daddy would want us to. That’s how we making it,”
Yaqub Talib Brother of NFL Star Aqib Talib Commits Fatal Shooting of Michal Hickmon and beloved and respected youth coach and community leader. In a shocking series of events, the brother of NFL star Aqib Talib, Yaqub Talib, has been involved in a fatal shooting that has left a community in disbelief. The incident, which took place on Aug. 13, 2022, has once again shone a spotlight on the troubled career of violence that Aqib Talib himself has been associated with. This tragic event has not only resulted in the loss of a beloved community member, but it has also raised questions about the motives behind the altercation and the pursuit of justice for the victim.

Trouble Maker: Aqib Talib’s troubled career of violence

Aqib Talib, a professional football player known for his skill and athleticism, has unfortunately also made headlines for his involvement in multiple violent incidents throughout his career. From heated altercations with fellow players on the field to off-field incidents, including an assault on a taxi driver in 2009, Talib’s troubled history has marred his otherwise successful football career. Despite facing suspensions and legal consequences, Talib has struggled to distance himself from violence, and now, the actions of his brother have further tarnished his reputation.

Life Taker: Community in Shock after brutal murder of Coach Michael Hickmon

The fatal shooting of Coach Michael Hickmon by Yaqub Talib has left the community in a state of shock and disbelief. Coach Michael Hickmon, a well-respected member of the community, tragically lost his life in this senseless act of violence. Known for his dedication to mentoring and guiding young athletes, Coach Hickmon’s death has created a void that will be felt by many. As the community mourns his loss, questions arise as to how such a tragic incident occurred and what could have led to this devastating outcome.

Defenseless: Talib Brothers assault Coach Hickmon

The moment of the shooting was captured on video.  It is simply horrible to see.  One thing is clear.  Coach Hickmon appears to be the target of aggression by Aqib Talib and Yaqub Talib.  Claims that either Aqib Talib or Yaqub Talib acted in self-defense a dubious at best.  Coach Hickmon was RETREATING from the assailants at the moment Yaqub Talib brandishes a semi-automatic handgun and fires multiple rounds at close range striking the defenseless, outnumbered, and retreating Coach Hickmon.

Coach Michael Hickman is seen retreating from the approaching Talib brothers moments before being shot by Yacub Talib at close range.

Senseless: Witnesses allege that Aqib Talib started the altercation

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the shooting have alleged that Aqib Talib, brother of the shooter, had initiated the altercation which ultimately led to Coach Hickmon’s shooting death by Yaqub Talib. While the exact motive behind the altercation remains unclear, these accounts suggest a possible connection between Aqib Talib’s troubled past and the events that unfolded on that fateful day. As investigators delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the incident, it is crucial that the truth is uncovered and justice is served for Coach Michael Hickmon and his grieving family. It would appear that the deadly altercation resulted from a disputed call by a little league football referee during a scrimmage. Reports indicate that Coach Hickmon’s nine-year-old son witnesses the shooting death of his father.

Justice Demanded: Yacub Talib to plead guilty in the shooting of Michael Hickmon

As the legal proceedings continue, it has come to light that Yaqub Talib, the brother of NFL star Aqib Talib, has decided to enter a guilty plea in the shooting of Coach Michael Hickmon. This development brings a glimmer of hope for the community seeking justice and closure in the wake of this tragedy. While it may not erase the pain and loss experienced by Coach Hickmon’s loved ones, a guilty plea signifies a step towards accountability and the recognition of the devastating consequences of such violent acts. As the case progresses, it is imperative that the justice system handles this matter with the utmost diligence to ensure that Coach Hickmon’s memory is honored and that no further lives are impacted by this senseless violence.

Unanswered Questions

Several other men, including Aqib Talib, were involved in the violent, and ultimately deadly, assault on Coach Michael Hickmon.  Their actions were CLEARLY captured on video.  Family, friends, and members of the public want to know why Aqib Talib was not charged for his role in the death of Coach Michael Hickmon?  There is no amount of money that can heal the wound inflicted on the family, and the community as a whole, by Aqib Talib, Yaqub Talib and their fellow attackers.

Nevertheless, civil damages serve many important purposes.  Replacing the lost income and earnings of Coach Hickmon is chief among them.  Additionally, civil damages send the message that even those who escape criminal justice will pay a price designed to deter future acts. 

Another question remains unanswered.  What civil liability will those responsible for the murder of Coach Michael Hickmon have?

Generational Impact

Kenyetta Hickmon, the wife of Coach Michael Hickmon, took the stand to confront Yaqub Aqib. She informed the killer that he his heinous and cowardly act was “mass murder.” 

“You killed innocence hopes, dreams, not just my kids, but 30-40 other little kids there,” Kenyetta Hickmon told the killer.

“He was one of the only guys I knew going into college that had a father who lived at home with him,” Reginald Oldman told the remorseless Yaqub Talib. “So he had this strength that a lot of us didn’t have. He walked with his head tall.”

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